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I am the designer and illustrator at WhatsBuzzin.com. Come with me as I explore the Blogosphere and write entertaining and valuable blog entries for you to enjoy. I love the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with other retrophiles who are also addicted to Christmastime.

I also want to take this opportunity to tell a bit about WhatsBuzzin.com.

Why… What’s Buzzin’? as your Company Name? My husband and I fell in love with the swing era whilst learning to swing dance way back in the year 2000. I wajingle bell time Swing Dance Christmas Card by WhatsBuzzin.coms also the freelance graphic designer at the time for Savoy South, a wonderful dance community in Tampa Bay. As we learned to dance and progressed to Lindy Hop we learned more about the music of the original Jazz musicians that played for the original Lindy Hoppers back in the early days. Starting as early as 1927, swing was the biggest musical movement that ever inspired dance. It was long lived, to me it never passed, and was heard on every radio show right up ’til the advent of Rock and Roll and Television. Ok that being said there once was a fella by the name of Cab Calloway. A high flying spirit that was a musician, Big Band leader and singer – You will know him by many songs including Caldonia! , Minnie the moocher, and HiDeHo. I cab callowaywas struck by a lesser known swingin’ 1942 song called “What’s Buzzin’ Cousin! Ha, There it is! Take a listen – it will brighten your day – just like the cards from WhatsBuzzin.com!