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We all love being invited to a party, and when the party has a theme and it’s The Holiday Season, well, Katy bar the door! I cannot wait for the parties to begin. To make your party memorable you can plan it in a retro style. Let’s explore the first of many fun ideas.

Retro Bubble Lights Party InvitationVintage Christmas Tree Decorating Party – First of allĀ  – A perfect invitation to set the mood. Build the anticipation with your vintage invites – Bubble Lights, a retro classic is an enchanting card, or choose the Vintage Tree Invite from WhatsBuzzin.com, Customize the message for your gathering.

Vintage Tree Christmas Party Invitations

“The Tree” – be sure to get a nice big tree (well over 6 feet tall) and place it in the center of the room so that everyone has room to move around it getting access to all sides. Have the lights already in place and perhaps a bit of the garland on before the guests arrive. Have boxes of decorations arranged within easy reach, and be sure that they all fit the theme. I suggest Shiny Brite ornaments that are retro reproductions of the originals or find vintage ornaments in antique stores or on Ebay. shiny brite ornament reproductionOf course no vintage tree will be complete without the icicles. Pop some Popcorn and allow for big bowls for eating as well as a popcorn and cranberry stringing station. A few of the girls will always gather here for stringing and gossip. Be sure to have the seasonal grog, a big punch bowl with Cranberry Cider matching cups within easy reach, and spread the cheer with fancy finger foods and Christmas cookies. Don’t forget the holiday soundtrack, to keep everyone’s toes tapping. Be sure to end the evening with a thank you parting gift, boxed cookies for each guest is a nice touch.

Tune in next time when we explore more Really Retro Christmas party ideas including- 1950’s Swing Dance Party Mid Century Modern Cocktail PartyFunny Sweaters Christmas Theme party…