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Vintage Signs Christmas Cards by WhatsBuzzin.comAt this time of year I am watching my weight, so I can splurge on all of the holiday treats that are right around the corner. We are officially in the Season Of Eating. Soon there will be family dinners, Christmas parties, Cookie Swaps, Christmas Cookie Swap Party InvitationsCocktail Parties, and more! It is also the time of year when I dig out my Mother’s recipe box and tattered cookbooks. We have family favorites and Christmas tradition demands that certain foods are ever present. Today I will share a few of our favorites, that happened to inspire a line of WhatsBuzzin.com Christmas cards as well!

Ginger Bread Modern HouseAlma’s Gingerbread Cookies – OH! the fantastic smell of it all… and the inspiration that follows! Not just for Gingerbread men anymore  – this flexible dough has been known to create whole families of Gingerbread people as well as mid century modern split levels! Here is a proven recipe from Taste Of Home that will create wonderful holiday treats.

Fruitcake Christmas Card

Fruitcake Biscotti – OK don’t turn up your nose yet! Over the years Fruitcake has gotten a bad rap. We even make fun of it at The Retro Christmas Card Company… check out the verse my husband wrote for this one, “Liquor soaked fruits and nuts… sounds like Christmas at our house.”  Get this seasonal favorite back into rotation when you adapt it to a filling biscotti that goes wonderfully with a mug of Egg Nog. Here is a wonderful recipe from Woolandspice.com

One of my favorite childhood memories was the making of the Polish Christmas Cookies that were my Dad’s favorite – CHRUSCIKI (Kris-cheeki). It was a real undertaking for my Mom and I, mixing the ingredients, rolling the dough, cutting out the delicate ribbons, tossing the (but gently) into the fry bath. Oh and eating one warm from the cooker, DE-Lish! Here is a recipe that takes me home again. Wishing you happy holiday eating! Polish Christmas Cookies recipe, ChruscikiRetro Christmas Cookies Card