Vintage Girl Christmas Cards from Whatsbuzzin.com

This blog is written by the Christmas elves of WhatsBuzzin.com – The Retro Christmas Card Company…(really just a husband and wife that act like a couple of kids at the holidays). We specialize in nostalgic Christmas cards that include kitschy visuals of vintage bubble lights, tin toys, model trains, retro 1950’s kids, and other classic Christmas memorabilia, that will make you say “I remember that”! Our unique Christmas Cards are all designed, illustrated and photographed here in Whatsbuzzin.com Studio and printed in Clearwater, Florida.

Here are some descriptions of our styles:
Retro Record Player Christmas Card
Retro Snapshots: Photographic images of iconic 1950s and1960s holiday season traditions. These cards are inspired by the vintage holiday spirit of the 1950’s & 1960’s era and spread Christmas cheer in a most unique retro style.

Overjoyed Retro Kids: Remember the thrill of Christmas morning? This Christmas card series will bring back memories of the bug-eyed excitement of getting exactly what you wanted under the tree. Overjoyed retro kids celebrate Christmas morning with Pogo sticks, red wagons and pedal cars with priceless expressions.

Vintage Tropical: Vintage images of Flamingos, water skiers, parrots, and other tropical holiday scenes decorate these holiday cards in an antique postcard style. We figureWarm Winter Wonderland that even if the snow is piling up outside, you’ll have warm thoughts while sending out these unique, retro style Christmas cards. And, if you happen to be where it is warm this Christmas, what better way to rub it in to those family and friends shivering in the cold?

Vintage Signs Of Christmas: Don’t you just love those old tin signs seen in retro diners and country stores? These Christmas cards celebrate seasonal traditions with vintage Americana style advertising. Get your fresh baked Gingerbread cookies here and follow that up with a delicious mug of Egg Nog… and no Holiday season is complete without the gift of Fruitcake!

Illustrated Christmas:  These cards are inspired by the retro and swingin’ holiday spirit of the 1950’s & 60’s. They include Vintage Vegas style marquees with brightly illuminated holiday greetings to give an added twist to the everyday Christmas card. The Mid Century Modern era is represented here spreading Christmas cheer in a swanky retro style.

Don We Now...Christmas Party InviteRecently we have added to our line up Retro Christmas Party Invitations and personalized Christmas card imprints. We are happy to be working with Zazzle.com who guarantees that you will absolutely love these invitations as much as all the rest of our very vintage collection. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello I am looking for book my Mom bought me each Christmas as a child in the late 50’s, early 60’s. It was a colored light cardboard cut out pieces that you put together. To create a little scene. There were two types, a Nativity scene and a Night Before Christmas scene. I think it was only $1 or so, I do not know what it was called or who manufactured it. But I would love to find them!
    Thank you, joy PETKO

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